Access Strong Advocacy

“The value we place on Mosey & Mosey service is immense. Being a large employer, we get lots of inquiries around coverage and claim issues. We know that it takes one phone call to Mosey and they will come back quickly with a thorough and complete response. I have often said that if we did not have Mosey & Mosey we would have to hire another staff person! The level of expertise exhibited by the Mosey team and their commitment to clients is an example of true customer service!”

Andrea Lawson, CMM III-H.R. Prof.
Director of Human Resources, County of Wellington

The goal of our service department is to provide prompt customer-focused resolutions to all plan inquiries, often within the same day, which builds long lasting relationships.

Service has always been a cornerstone to our organization and we strive to consistently meet or exceed our client targets in customer satisfaction.

Our client service advisors are well equipped to advocate on your behalf in all areas of benefit plan management. From dealing with contentious claim issues, to processing plan amendments, our team is an extension of your organization.

Rely on Mosey & Mosey for superior client service, personalized to meet your unique needs.