Benchmarking Reports

See how your plan compares with other organizations within your industry.

Our service team is regularly producing benchmarking reports that provide our clients with valuable information. This information is particularly beneficial in union negotiations and can provide useful insight to the ongoing direction of the benefits program in relationship to overall compensation and other human resource objectives.

With an extensive client base, and stellar strong partnerships in place – we have the capability to quickly facilitate permissions, access the information, create the report and of course ensure all participants receive the completed product.

Our team have shaped benchmarking reports in various areas that include but are not limited to:

  • Plan design by employee classification, inclusive of benefit levels and contractual provisions on a benefit by benefit basis;
  • Premium rates and administrative expenses;
  • Funding / underwriting arrangements;
  • Administrative practices / processes;
  • Handling of timely plan design / policy considerations (delisting, active employees over age 65, retiree options).

Determine the competitiveness of your group benefits program today.

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