Collective Bargaining Support

Mosey & Mosey has over three decades of experience in assisting clients through the collective bargaining process. Our staff is made available on a 24 hour basis when our client’s are in negotiations, as we understand the importance of accurate and timely responses to all plan design changes under consideration. Prior to negotiations we often provide our client’s with a detailed plan summary, pricing on union demands, innovative cost containment solutions, and critical benchmarking and program comparisons so that management is well prepared for the negotiation process.

Ensuring compliance between applicable Collective Agreements and the group policy is another core service offering. In gearing up for collective bargaining, our service team will complete an audit and review of the collective agreement against the current group policy. The audit not only addresses areas of compliance on each plan design item but will make recommendations to revise / update existing wording.

Mosey & Mosey is readily available as a reliable resource during union negotiations.

Get expert advice next time you are in negotiations.