Quality Control & Quality Assurance


The documents that are associated with your group benefits program extend beyond the group policy to include plan amendments, benefit booklets and even collective agreements.

Our service people are committed to ensuring your important documents are available, up to date and accurate.

Each area of our service delivery model is intended to minimize the resources your organization spends on navigating the insurance industry. In this spirit, booklet and contract reviews are a core service offered to every client; you can be assured that your documentation will be complete, accurate and most importantly, available when you need it.

Claims Auditing

Mosey & Mosey conducts periodic audits and reviews of statistical claims data reports to ensure the financial accuracy of all claim payments and that carrier transactions are being administered correctly and adhered to in accordance with the terms and conditions of the negotiated contractual arrangements.

In addition, our service consultants monitor the insurer’s service standards with respect to turnaround times on claim payments and all plan inquiries to make certain the insurer’s commitment is meeting or exceeding the client’s service expectations.

By utilizing Mosey & Mosey services, you can be assured that all benefit documentation is in order, claim payments are accurate, and service standards are being met.

Quality control and assurance has never been easier. Contact us today !