Communication Strategy – The Campaign

The communication program can be as simple or as comprehensive as you like.
At the very least, employers can market the program to garner some “good press” among stakeholders. On the other hand, there is a compelling business case for communication.

The benefit program requires significant investment from employers yet so often employees have no idea what it costs, what it covers or why its even here.

Communicating to employees about what the benefit package is, how it works, what it costs as well as the objectives for the program is key to maximizing the return on benefit investment.

Employers seeking the assistance and support of their employees in managing the benefit program must help employees understand the program objectives, costs, and the broader trends that impact the benefit program.

The right campaign can enhance perceived value of the program and engage your employees as active participants in managing the benefit program.

Campaign your investment and engage your stakeholders. Let Mosey & Mosey help today !