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WI Waiting Period Change

News Bulletin

Legislative Change to the Waiting Period Under
The Employment Insurance (EI) Benefit

As per the Federal Budget released earlier this year, the proposal to change the EI waiting period has been passed. Effective January 1, 2017 the waiting period for EI benefits will change from two (2) weeks to one (1) week. Currently the total benefit period under EI is 17 weeks, which includes a two week waiting period in which no benefit payments are issued, and then benefits are payable for a period of 15 weeks. This legislative amendment will change the total benefit period under EI to 16 weeks, with benefits payable for 15 weeks following the one week waiting period.

Most employers will not be affected by this change. For Employers with Short Term Disability (STD) and WI plans registered with the EI premium reduction program that are currently payable from the 8th day of disability or earlier and payable for a minimum of 15 weeks (typically 17 weeks) no plan amendments will be required in order to retain EI premium reductions.

In some cases, Employers with Short Term Disability (STD) plans with waiting periods greater than one week, the STD plan will need to be amended to order to continue to be eligible for EI premium reductions. For those plans that require amendments under the STD, the Long term Disability (LTD) plan’s waiting period may also need to be amended.

The government has indicated that there will be a transition period to allow employers to make the necessary plan amendments. During the transition period plans registered with the EI premium reduction program will continue to qualify for EI premium reductions. The government has not yet confirmed the specific time period for the transition period but we will communicate once further details are provided.

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