Maximize Your Benefit Investment

“When we chose to work with Mosey & Mosey as our new benefit consultant, they delivered true and measurable savings to our plan. This, coupled with their extensive public sector experience, made it an easy decision”

Jonathan B. Roy
Director of Human Resources, United Counties of Prescott-Russell

We understand Your Challenges – With over 45 years of experience in the group benefits field we have a unique understanding of challenges that you face. Today’s employers have a tough balancing act on their hands – providing competitive benefits to attract and retain valuable employees while at the same time managing long-term costs within budget restraints.

Our hallmark is one of proven cost containment for both Claims Costs and Program Expenses / Financial Arrangements.

Program Costs – Our recognized expertise and large volume of business within the Canadian marketplace allows us to secure access to the industry’s most competitive rate structures, administrative expenses and provisions. This allows us to pass on true measurable savings to our clients.

Let Mosey & Mosey help you make the most of your benefit dollars.