Plan Design Consulting

Mosey & Mosey can help create a value-added benefits program while containing present and future costs. Our approach balances our clients’ requirements to control or reduce benefit costs, while ensuring that the integrity of the benefit programs are maintained to meet the employees’ evolving needs. By performing an audit and review of the program, we determine the most appropriate cost containment strategies, taking into account each individual organization’s financial restraints and corporate benefits philosophy.

Plan Design Consulting Quote

Mosey & Mosey specializes in providing creative advice on restructuring plan design. Working together with senior management, we assist in defining a short-term and long-term benefit strategy by conducting a thorough review of your current plan design, insurance contracts, collective bargaining agreements, cost sharing and current funding arrangements.

Our consultants are fully versed on all facets of plan design and have successfully introduced plan design changes within the framework of collective bargaining.

Let our team create a program that delivers excellent coverage and sound cost containment.

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