Strength in Numbers

Mosey & Mosey has developed and currently manages numerous multi-employer consortium plans for both private and public sector organizations.  This initiative has assisted hundreds of employers achieve reduced benefit costs through the increased purchasing power of the overall plan.  The primary objective of these plans is to obtain volume discounts, higher group life and long-term disability non-medical evidence maximums, and reduced administrative costs, which are borne through the combined premium level of the overall plan.

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An important component to the success of any umbrella plan is to ensure each member maintains complete autonomy with respect to plan design, especially if they are collectively bargained. In addition, each participant’s costs are predicated on individual plan design, employee demographics, and claims utilization levels, subject to the volume discounts applicable to the overall consortium plan.

Our multi-employer consortium plans offer members access to a wide range of competitively priced group insurance products. With a significant buying power base, these programs have experienced remarkable cost stability and success.

Our programs are structured to be responsive whether a customer’s needs range from cost containment to coverage enhancements. Regardless of customer size, these programs are flexible, allowing members to participate in one benefit plan or a combination of plans available.

Choose from a full range of coverages, including:

Life Insurance: Basic, Optional, Dependent and Spousal life insurance

Disability Insurance: Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Health Care: Extended Health Services, Drug, Hospital, Vision and Dental Care coverage

Accident Insurance: Basic and Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Retiree Coverage: Supplementary Life, AD&D Health and Dental Care.

Members of these programs enjoy preferred arrangements that address their organization’s financial objectives.  These programs can be tailored-made, to meet both your organization’s benefit plan philosophy, and the evolving needs of your employees.

Our programs bring the following features and advantages to small and medium sized employers:

  • Reduced Cost: Competitive rates and premium stability based on volume purchasing and preferred risk management programs.
  • Flexibility: A complete range of group insurance products, providing the flexibility to tailor plans to your specific needs.
  • Superior Risk Management: Improved pooling protection, stop loss arrangements and preferred underwriting arrangements.
  • Customized Employee Communication Tools: Effective employee communication pieces (including employee benefit handbooks) to ensure you receive maximum value from your benefit plan investment.
  • Centralized Administrative Services: Bring the power of e-commerce to your program administration.  Ease of plan management and online program reporting are some of the features available.
  • Complete Autonomy: Individualized billings, administration, booklets, plan management and premium rates.

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